A Roadmap to Body Lotions in Summer; Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes

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Summer is here (well, seasonally it is, weather-wise we hold out little hope in the UK). It goes without saying that sun protection tops the skin-care list, but a good moisturiser will come close second. Often, skin-care advice columns will focus on facial routines and care plans but there is a tendency not to venture below the neck. Your skin is the largest organ of your body, and so we’ve developed a roadmap to skincare starting from the chin down, answering the FAQs, recommending products, and offering a little advice that we’ve accrued over our years in the industry.

Getting the most from your moisturiser

The fastest and most effective way to introduce some hydration to your skin is applying a nourishing cream that’s formulated specifically for that skin type. We’re often asked:

  • ‘Is there a difference between face and body lotion?’
  • ‘Can hand and body creams be used interchangeably?’
  • ‘How often should I apply body lotion?’
  • ‘How does moisturiser work?’

Kicking off from a dermatological perspective, moisturisers work by sealing moisture into the skin by passing through the first few layers of the epidermis, which allows hydration from the inside out. This makes moisturising an important part of any skin care regime, particularly if it is done regularly as it promotes soft and nourished skin, which is then better protected against environmental stressors such a sun, sea, wind and friction from garments.

It’s true that certain regions of the body, such as the hands, feet, upper arms and calves, are exposed more frequently to the elements. As such, their dermatological compositions differ – they become tougher through exposure - and so they generally prefer a thicker and more nourishing formula to permeate through those tougher layers!

Keep your skin supple from your head to your toes


What’s the best moisturiser for the body?

Charlotte Rhys Vegan Hand and Body Lotion

Beginning with the neck and shoulders on our road map, we recommend using the CHARLOTTE RHYS scented hand and body lotion. It’s a bit of an all-purpose formula; engineered to be light, silky and rapidly absorbed. It’s an ideal everyday moisturiser for areas of the body that have moderate exposure, offering hydration and nourishment, while imparting a subtle but long-lasting fragrance. The lotion is also perfect for areas like the legs, body, and forearms too.

What’s the best moisturiser for hands and feet?

Charlotte Rhys Vegan Hand Cream

Working down from the shoulders and to the hands; we recommend using our CHARLOTTE RHYS scented hand cream. The formula differs from the hand and lotion body cream in that it is a little more robust. Though still rapidly absorbed and a non-greasy formula, it’s designed to offer an added layer of hydration and sink deeper. This makes it ideal for hands - an area of the body that experiences a lot of exposure to the elements and works harder than others. We also recommend our hand cream for use on your feet too, as the skin is similarly textured and requires the same approach to hydration. Like all CHARLOTTE RHYS products, our hand cream leaves a divinely subtle fragrance on the skin for hours to follow.

What’s the best moisturiser for tired skin?

Charlotte Rhys Vegan Supreme Body Crème

Rounding off our roadmap, we reach knees (and shelfing the rhythm for a moment, elbows, legs, and upper arms too). The skin of the elbows and knees is compositionally different to the rest of the canvas. It is comprised of olecranal derma, a thicker and tougher area that is protected for hard-work, but not always the most aesthetically or tactilely pleasing. This skin does the grunt work for the long limbs and is exposed to the most abuse from the outside world. That’s why we recommend lathering it up and showing it some extra TLC with our Supreme Body Crème. The formula is a particularly sumptuous and hydrating one. In fact, it’s the ultimate in skin-care. If you’re feeling particularly indulgent, or just fancy a bit of self-care, then applying this across your body will leave you feeling super soft, silky and revived.

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